Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Movie Review 'The Great Indian Butterfly'

Movie Review: The Great Indian Butterfly, Directed by: Sarthak Dasgupta, Starring: Aamir Bashir, Sandhya Mridul, Shibani Kashyap, Koel Puri, Barry John, Movie Review Rating: The Great Indian Butterfly

The Great Indian Butterfly is a movie about the exploration of happiness. Krish [Aamir Bashir] and Meera [Sandhya Mridul a young couple whose relationship is at the verge of breakage gives one more chance to it by packing up for Goa from Mumbai to search for a legendrygreat Indian butterfly whose rare appearance can fill the life with happiness joy and peace which have become the most craved things for the modern generations.

Meanwhile there journey the couple argues over some trivial issues, these arguements illustrate the day to day stress, over expectations and the lack of self-analyse in relationships which are the common traits of today’s life. Krish [Aamir Bashir] and Meera [Sandhya Mridul have played their characters honeslty ,Koel Purie has made a big impression in a small role and Barry John too has made justice with his character as ever.
The way Sarthak Dasgupta has presented the woes of modern relations on the big screen is indeed appreciable, his art of conveying his message, that two within the limits of two hours, is remarkable. [smartads]But themovie as it sounds will be able to attract a limited audience, as the viewers for English cinema, with a taste for art, are rare in this country of Masal Movies. Moreover the lack of movie awareness too would contribute to its little success on the celluloid. Overall the movie is a one big bowl of interesting meals for those who longs for entertainment with a fusion of infotainment!

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