Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mittal Vs Mittal Review

Mitali walks out of her marriage and files a case of marital rape and domestic abuse against her high profile husband, Karan, who is a leading business tycoon. Time for a lot of dirty linen to be washed in the courtroom, as bedroom secrets begin to tumble out in public glare.
A purposeful film that ends up as pulp, Karan Razdan's take on domestic violence is too long drawn and too verbose, with almost unending courtroom sequences, to keep you engaged. Also, the violence hardly comes through, even though Rituparna, the wronged wife, sheds endless tears while narrating her tale of woe.

Having spurned rich boyfriend, Rohit Roy when he makes an indecent proposal before marriage, middle class Rituparna marries him only because he convinces her of his good intentions. Turns out, the intentions weren't good at all, as she suspected all along. The playboy turns out to be a fiend in bed and seems to have married her mostly for revenge. Needless to say, there's a bad mom-in-law (Dolly Thakore) and her henpecked husband (Amar Talwar) hovering in the background too. The newly-wed does try to take on the sundry forces but when she can't summon any more courage, she simply walks out, hires a lawyer (Suchitra Krishnamoorthi) and joins the dukhi naari brigade. Her job? Mostly, to sit silently through the prolonged proceedings, with tear-rimmed eyes, while lawyer (Suchitra) versus lawyer (Gulshan Grover).

Well-intentioned, yes, but too straight, too talkative and too flag-waving, Mittal versus Mittal is more for the sundry committees on women atrocities than for the new age viewer.

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